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Child Care

Reliable, convenient, and safe child care programs are essential to a strong community which supports families.  Lititz recCenter is proud to have provided more than 30 years of child care programming for our community!


Discover recKids Child Care Programs


All child care programs require pre-registration.  Please contact, 717.626.5096 ext 234 to request registration info or inquire about openings in our programs. Registration in recKids programs is ongoing on a first-come, first served basis beginning in March of each year.

recKids programs are open to the community .  *Members* of Lititz recCenter have the benefit of advanced registration and reduced fees for child care services!


March 13  Open Registration for recKids Summer 2019 and recKids Before/Afterschool 2019-2020 school year!   7 am – 5 pm at Lititz recCenter   One-Stop Registration Station for your child’s fees, forms, and other details.

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