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COVID-19 UPDATES Lititz recCenter

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As Lancaster County is set to move to a Covid-19 recovery phase of “yellow” on June 5, Lititz recCenter is rapidly facilitating as many programs as we can safely and effectively offer for our community!

  • Members and program participants will receive emails – please watch for these! 
  • Posts will be made HERE with details
  • Follow Lititz recCenter on Facebook for quick announcements


**Dates are tentative and subject to change.  Programs and access will include restrictions.  Participation is subject to CDC safety guidelines.**

  • recKids Summer Child Care will begin service for registered families on June 1 (
  • Youth Summer Camps (weekly, daily, etc) will begin week of June 8 (  REGISTER ONLINE
  • Lititz Springs Pool will open June 13 (
  • CovidEx Fitness Classes – Outdoors at Lititz recCenter – June 8 – July 3 (  REGISTER ONLINE


Please note that specific programs are re-opening and re-starting in June.  Full access to Lititz recCenter facilities might be gradual and delayed.

Member Update May 28, 2020


As Lititz recCenter continues to be unable, due to Covid-19 restrictions on operations, to offer many services to our Members, we once again are waiving Member fees for June.

Monthly fees for Lititz recCenter and recROC Members will NOT be processed in June 2020 and other membership types (annual, etc) will be adjusted accordingly.

Questions about Membership should be addressed to

Please consider a fee donation at this time, if you are able.  Membership fees support much more than programs and classes! 


Your choice to donate fees benefits our Community Partnership Program – a scholarship fund we use every month to reach and engage families, youth, seniors, and individuals in our community who face hardships which would prevent them from taking part in Lititz recCenter programs.  Our state-of-the-art facilities are ready to welcome Members back, very soon!  We continue to plan and re-schedule community events.


If you are missing Lititz recCenter as much as we are, consider how much your investment as a Member in our community recreation center means to re-opening our doors.  Without our Members, we can’t exist!  Thank you for your generosity and support as we recover as a community organization. 


Making a fee donation is very simple – Click below for a quick online donation link.


Donate Now


Or send an email to to say “Please donate my fees” – include your name and address and we’ll work our magic behind the scenes to turn your scheduled payment into a donation.  Lititz recCenter is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Thank you for your support!



Questions?  We are sorry that we cannot take phone calls during our closure, but please reach out via email to our staff who will be happy to answer questions and address concerns to the best of their ability.  Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility!