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Youth Programs

 Programs for Kids of all Ages

Lititz recCenter offers a variety of recreational programs that keep kids of all ages active, fit, and interacting with their peers. From preschool sports to teen Zumba and kickboxing, or bouldering at recROC, Lititz recCenter offers year-round designed-for-kids options for healthy, active fun.


Youth Dance & Tumbling Programs

Time To Dance

15 week programs ending with a costumed showcase with a wide variety of dance styles – Ballet, Jazz, HipHop, Contemporary, Tap – for kids to explore, from age 3 through Adult!

Explore Time to Dance Program


Kids Dance

Learning the basics, moving, and having fun!

Kids Ballet II (ages 5-7)      |      Kids Dance Party (ages 6-12)

Middle School Dance (seasonal)

A Friday night of supervised DJ’d dancing fun with friends for Warwick Middle School students.

Youth Fitness 

recWarriors Obstacle Challenge (ages 5-12)

funZone Bounce & Obstacles – *For Members* Thursday nights are FREE in FunZone!  Or purchase a Member Monthly Pass for funZone and play during scheduled hours throughout the week.

Kids Boxing (ages 7-13)

Personal Training for Youth (all ages – by appointment

        NEW!  recFamilyFit  (for kids and parents)

Martial Arts for Youth & Families

Goshi Shun Karate (youth and families)

Hey Parents – kidZone!

While the grown-ups work-out in our Fitness Center or attend a class, kids up to age 10 can play with friends in kidZONE for FREE! *Members* – check out kidZONE drop-in babysitting hours.  Non-Member guests are welcome to use our kidZone service for a fee per child, as space allows.