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Time to Dance Programs

Time To Dance – TTD 

Mark your Calendar!   Time To Dance Showcase is May 4 at 2 pm

Time To Dance is a 15 week program at Lititz recCenter designed to build a dancer’s skills and confidence to commence with a showcase for students and families.  Programs for all ages, many interests, and all abilities!

TTD Level 1  (ages 3 & 4)  |   TTD Level 1  (ages 5 & 6)

Basic Ballet, tap, and creative movement.


TTD Level 2 (ages 6-8)  |  TTD Level 2 (by invitation)

Beginner/intermediate ballet, tap, contemporary dance and choreography.


TTD Level 3 (ages 8 – teen) 

Intermediate ballet, pre-pointe, contemporary and jazz/funk.


TTD Level 4 (ages teen – adult)

Advanced ballet, pointe, and comtemporary dance.


TTD Jazz Funk

Upbeat rhythms, body isolations, floor work, improv.  Jazz/funk, musical theater and hip-hop.


TTD Adult Contemporary (ages 14+)

Expressive dance with modern techniques.  Body conditioning and stretch-flow, floor work, choreography.