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Members & Friends:

Membership fees are NOT being drafted in May.  Out of consideration for the very different impacts COVID-19 is having on each of our Members, our Board of Directors and Management Team opted to hold membership fees for a minimum of April and May 2020, during our facility closure.

Membership fees support the whole of what Lititz recCenter offers our community. Your investment reaches well beyond you and your family when you join Lititz recCenter. Members have the option to make a donation to support our Community Partnership Fund – our ongoing financial assistance program which allows families, individuals, and youth experiencing hardship to be part of Lititz recCenter programs.

 We encourage our Members to choose – if you are able – to support Lititz recCenter and our community in this way, at this time.

Members and community friends may make a donation of any amount, at any time.

Donate Now

Or, send a message to to notify us that you would like to donate your April membership fees to continue to support Lititz recCenter.  Thank you!