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We can do this!  We need YOUR help to do what’s required to stay open for our Members!

Some pointers from our Certified Trainers to keep you working out while masking up…


  • Bring multiple masks to swap out if they get sweaty.

  • Try different brands or styles of masks – ask trainers and instructors what their favorites are.

  • Work up to wearing a mask for a full workout – start slowly and build your comfort and tolerance.

  • If you are feeling winded, take a mask break, and slow down your cardio intensity.

  • Take frequent drink breaks and a few good breaths when your mask is down.

  • It gets better!  Don’t give up your favorite classes or routine – keep trying to give your body time to adjust.


Still uncertain about working out with a mask?  Talk with our trainers and they can help you find the right focus for you and your goals if you need a temporary change.


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