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Swimming Lessons

At Lititz recCenter, we believe that every child – and adult – should have basic awareness for water safety and basic swimming skills to be safe and enjoy many water-based recreational activities throughout life!

Year-round swim instruction for every age child or adult is available with our experienced swim instructors, indoors and outdoors. Classes are small and provide for advancement to new skill levels.  Private lessons are also available. *Members* have the advantage of early registration and reduced session fees for swimming lessons!

**ALL SWIM LESSONS are INDOORS at Lititz recCenter**

Guide to Swimming Lesson Levels for Children – CLICK 

Parent & Child Swimming Lessons

Children ages 6 – 24 months will join an adult in the water in our shallow zero-entry splash pool.  Choose from morning and evening weekday or Sat sessions.

Members: $75   NonMembers: $110

Preschool Swimming Lessons

Starfish (I)            Guppy (II)           Penguin (III)          Sea Squirt (IV)

Members: $85  NonMembers: $125

Youth Swimming Lessons   

Jellyfish (I)        Seahorse (II)           Otter (III)             Seal (IV)           Dolphin (V)

Members: $85    NonMembers: $125

Private Lessons (for Youth or Adults) 

Schedule a private lesson with an experienced instructor, personal trainer, or coach for individualized instruction. or 717.626.5096, ext 245.

Private Swim Lesson Packages! Purchase up to six lessons online

Private Classes

Private swim lessons for all ages, individuals or groups. Targeted skill instruction at any level including competitive techniques. Schedule 30 min. sessions. Discounted packages available for up to 12 sessions. By appt. 717.626.5096 ext. 227.

  • 30 min. session- one swimmer: member $30 nonmember $55
  • 30 min. session group up to 3 swimmers: member: $50 nonmember $60



Members $8.00  Nonmembers’ $12.00


Preschool: Ages 3-5 Registration

Ages 6-7 Registration

Ages 8-10 Registration