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Swim Lessons

Lititz recCenter has been a  provider of swimming lessons for 40 years!  We believe that every child – and adult – should have basic awareness for water safety and basic swimming skills to be safe and enjoy many water-based recreational activities throughout life!  Year-round swim instruction for every age child or adult is available with our experienced swim instructors, indoors and outdoors. Classes are small and provide for advancement to new skill levels.

*Members* have the advantage of early registration and reduced session fees for swimming lessons!

Guide to Swimming Lesson Levels for Children – CLICK 



Parent & Child Swimming  

Children ages 6 – 24 months will join an adult in the water in our shallow zero-entry splash pool.  Choose from morning and evening weekday or Sat sessions.

Members: $50  NonMembers: $75

Preschool Swimming Lessons

Starfish (I)            Guppy (II)           Penguin (III)          Sea Squirt (IV)

Members: $55  NonMembers: $90


Youth Swimming Lessons   

Jellyfish (I)        Seahorse (II)           Otter (III)             Seal (IV)           Dolphin (V)

Members: $55  NonMembers: $90

Home School Swim Time  

Fridays 1-3pm             Adults $6      |      Children $4      |      Families  $16

CLICK & REGISTER ONLINE  or pay as you go in person

Create-A-Class Swimming Lessons  (Preschool & Youth)

Learn-to-Swim with a small group of friends or sibling who are roughly at the same swimming ability and experience level.  Contact to schedule.

$60 Member per child  |  $95 NonMember per child

Private Lessons (for Youth or Adults) 

Schedule a private lesson with an experienced instructor, personal trainer, or coach for individualized instruction. or 717.626.5096, ext 227.

Private Swim Lesson Packages!   Purchase up to six lessons online.


Masters Swimming Program

Do you miss competitive swimming or want to work on stroke drills and technique? Join in Master’s Level swimming work outs for ages 18 and older.  Contact Heather Fittery for scheduled times:


Adult Beginner Swim Lessons (ages 18+)

A small class designed for adult non-swimmers, or adults who want to build their skills and confidence in the water.

For our competitive youth swimmers, or kids seeking to get started on a local swim team – targeted skills and techniques to improve your performance before the indoor winter season starts, and again before the summer swim meet season begins.  Pricing will be posted when seasons are open.

Pre-Competitive Swim Lessons 

Strokes, Starts & Turns – Ages 5 and 6


Coming soon in a new season!


Pre-Season Skill Clinics

8 and Under        10 and Under        12 and Under        14 and Under


Coming soon in a new season!