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Specialty Fitness Programs

Seeking a focused group fitness activity or specialized instruction?  Lititz recCenter offers these programs (fee applies) to help our Members meet a variety of goals for fitness, health, and wellness.


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Specialty Fitness programs at Lititz recCenter are offered monthly or in 7-week sessions each season.  Fees vary and programs are open to both Members (reduced fees) and NonMembers.  Registration is required.

Try these Specialty Fitness Programs…

Functional 50+ – low impact workouts focusing on posture, balance, core strength, and flexibility

Yoga – Vinyasa power yoga focuses on physical movement, meditation, and self inquiry.  FREE for Members!

Kickboxing Club – Boxing for weight management, stress relief, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, agility and strength!

POUND  –  A drumming workout using exercise drumsticks, mixing cardio and strength training.

Parkinson’s Rock Steady Boxing  Fuel your fight with Parkinson’s with a great workout to improve your your quality of life.  Build coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and speed. Multiple levels of Parkinson’s progression are accommodated.  Learn more HERE!

Golf Conditioning (offered seasonally or by appt) – Targeted workouts and training to improve flexibility, core strength, balance, power, and control to improve your game from all angles

Running & Triathlon Club  training sessions for beginning to seasoned runners/triathletes who want to improve their physical and mental skills and learn techniques from experienced competitors.

B & B Barbells and Boxing – Combine toning, strength and weight loss in this combo program featuring authentic boxing training.

Personal Training and Sports Conditioning are also available at Lititz recCenter and recROC!  Learn more here.…  or contact

Looking for fitness programs for YOUTH?  Kids ages 7 and up can be part of our Youth Fitness programs – check them out HERE!