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Specialty Fitness Programs

Specialty Fitness programs at Lititz recCenter are offered monthly or in 7-8 week sessions.  Fees vary and programs are open to both Members (reduced fees or free) and NonMembers.  Registration is required.  Need more info?  Contact, or


FencingFencing is an organized sport, involving the use of 3 weapons: epee, foil, and sabre. In our fencing program you will learn from Romanian instructor, Nicusor Alexe who will demonstrate and teach on the use of epee and understanding the proper footwork for dueling such as guard position, advancing, retreating, and lunging. You will also be learning how to properly use the sophisticated electric epee weapon and scoring machine. Register Here!

Ballroom Beginners – This class is designed to just get your feet with dancing and help you survive on the dance floor. Learn two different social dances that you will find anywhere from Latin Nights to wedding receptions to cruises in each class. You will learn basic steps of each dance and learn how to confidently dance it to music. Register Here!

Ballroom Advanced – Each class will focus on one social dance and teach you more than one basic step in that dance. This class will help you learn the characteristics of the dance and how to navigate a crowded dance floor. Register Here!

Power Yoga – Use a wide variety of poses to increase strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and endurance.  Find mind and body connections and expect to sweater through a full-body workout.  FREE for Members! 

Gentle Yoga Center yourself in a combo class with standing postures for strengthening and lengthening muscles and floor work for restorative postures.  FREE for Members!  

Vinyasa Yoga Power yoga focuses on physical movement, meditation, and self-inquiry.  FREE for Members!  

Kickboxing Club Boxing for weight management, stress relief, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, agility and strength!  *Bring your own gloves* Register Here!

POUND A drumming workout using exercise drumsticks, mixing cardio and strength training.  FREE for Members!

Parkinson’s Rock Steady Boxing – Fuel your fight with Parkinson’s with a great workout to improve your quality of life.  Build coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and speed. Multiple levels of Parkinson’s progression are accommodated.  Learn more HERE!

Running & Triathlon Club (offered seasonally or by appt) training sessions for beginning to seasoned runners/triathletes who want to improve their physical and mental skills and learn techniques from experienced competitors.


PWR Moves for Parkinson’s – Functional fitness challenges to combat progressive loss of flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Motivational targeted group fitness with certified instructor.

Adaptive Fit & Fun Join former Warwick Life Skills Teacher, Sandy Morris and friends for this new and exciting program. Designed for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Explore the world of fitness, dance, and have fun with new & old friends.

For more information contact Program Director Ron Stief at

Personal Training and Sports Conditioning are also available at Lititz recCenter and recROC!  Learn more here.…  or contact

Looking for fitness programs for YOUTH?  Kids ages 7 and up can be part of our Youth Fitness programs – check them out HERE!