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Personal Training

Personal Training at the Lititz recCenter

Personal Training is an individualized program designed to meet our client’s needs and help them achieve their desired goals.  Training is offered one-on-one or in a group setting.  Our Trainers are nationally certified.

What can a Personal Trainer do for you?

  • Individualized fitness assessment and goal setting
  • Customized work-out planning
  • Coaching on correct forms and techniques to keep you safe in your workout and get results
  • Nutrition and wellness tips and resources
  • Ongoing contact with clients to ask questions, get info, and set appointments

Clients will complete a Personal Training Contract before beginning training sessions – click to print!

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For the best personal training experience, we will match you with one of our many personal trainers based on your interests, goals, needs, and schedule.  Contact to request or find a trainer who is right for you!



Adult Personal Training



One-hour sessions with a certified personal trainer to develop an individualized exercise plan and safely take on challenges.  Purchase one session or save on session packages!


Fit training into your busy schedule with a 30 minute custom workout with a certified personal trainer!  Purchase one workout session, or a package of five!


Small group training makes fitness affordable and fun. Group members provide each other with accountability, encouragement, and social support with the guidance of a trainer’s coaching and exercise expertise.  All sessions are 60 minutes for up to 4 individuals.  Purchase one group session or a package of up to 12 sessions.



In three personal training sessions you can completely update and energize your fitness routine!  Your trainer will review your goals and re-design a program for you that gets you to results faster.


SPECIALTY PERSONAL TRAINING:   Boxing 101   |   Yoga 101


ART is a modality to treat soft-tissue dysfunction achieved by using contact with an appropriate depth and tension to target the desired tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia), the tissue is then taken through full range of motion, effectively breaking the adhesion in and between tissues.

TRX Training is a suspension training to develop muscle stability & strength.


Youth Personal Training

Many of our certified training staff enjoy working with both adults and youth!  At Lititz recCenter, youth ages 12 and up may take advantage of personal training services.  Individual or group training for youth is available by appointment.

Youth Sports Conditioning is a program offered to help young athletes prepare for their sports seasons.

Aquatics Competitive Swimming Lessons & Coaching is available for youth swimmers.