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Wellness, Nutrition & Spa Services

recCARES Cancer Recovery Support

Targeted program to enhance a cancer survivor’s recovery and return to a healthy active lifestyle following treatment.  Contact our recCARES Ambassador to learn more or schedule an intro session, 717.626.5096 x246.

Parkinson’s Wellness Support

Lititz recCenter certified trainers and instructors take an active approach to managing common physical limitations associated with Parkinson’s Disease, or other muscular and nervous system impacts.  Learn more about classes targeting wellness and restored health and function!

Spa Services at Lititz recCenter

When workouts and long days are over, take a break to restore!  Therapeutic spa services are now available on-site at Lititz recCenter, offered by licensed and certified staff.  Book now!

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy habits build healthy lifestyles – learn from our dieticians about the power of nutrition to improve your wellness and help you meet your goals.  Individual and family programs are available.