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Lititz recCenter employs more than 40 lifeguards a year to staff our three pools – our indoor lap pool and splash pool and the outdoor Lititz Springs Pool.  Swimming is a life-long activity and lifeguarding is a life-long job!  Active older adults are encouraged to attend training and join our team as lifeguards and swimming lesson instructors.


Lifeguard certification courses are available year-round and can lead to immediate hiring for flexible part-time, possible year-round, lifeguarding positions.

For details regarding Lifeguard training or open positions for lifeguards and swimming instructors, contact Aquatics Director


SPECIAL NOTICE Regarding Red Cross Certs during COVID-19
American Red Cross is currently extending certification expiration dates. 
Please contact Aquatics Director Heather Fittery, to inquire about upcoming lifeguard training courses and hiring.  

American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Course includes FirstAid and CPR/AED training.  Course will be completed at Lititz recCenter. Ages 15+ can become certified.

American Red Cross Lifeguard – *Re-certification

*For certifications that  are within 30 days of expiration date.  Course includes re-certification in FirstAid and CPR/AED training.  Course will be completed at Lititz recCenter.


We are hiring lifeguards and swimming instructors!

Earn your certification in Lifeguarding and jump on the deck at Lititz recCenter, and/or teach swimming lessons! Both year-round and summer-season positions are available.  Apply online HERE



American Red Cross First Aid/CPR and Babysitting Classes are also offered at Lititz recCenter.