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Parkinson’s Wellness

Lititz recCenter offers targeted exercise programs that benefit Parkinson’s Disease fighters to improve or restore muscular and nervous system functions.  Our certified trainers are ready to challenge and motivate you toward restored health and active lifestyles!

Rock Steady Boxing     |   Mon/Wed  11 am – Noon OR 1-2 pm  and  Fridays 11 am – Noon

Monthly Fee:  $90 Member     $100 nonMember

Boxing to build your endurance, strength, flexibility, and speed – better health and quality of life!  Two live in-person sessions each week by Level (1-4).  On Friday, all Levels are welcome to attend class.  

Participants begin their Parkinson’s Recovery journey at Lititz recCenter with a free assessment to help guide participation in appropriate class levels.

For more information contact Erica Johnson, Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach,, 717-626-5096, ext 225


NEW! ONLINE  RSB Session Fridays at 11 am   Contact Rock Steady Boxing Coach Erica Johnson for more info!


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