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Follow instructions below.

CLICK the SELECT MY MEMBERSHIP LINK… and make an initial payment to set your Member Benefits in action!


Our Member Services staff will follow up to confirm your plan, rates, and benefits.  Questions?  Give our Member Services staff a call at 717.626.5096, or send an email to


Rates are based on residency – RESIDENT or NON-RESIDENT

Residents of Lititz Borough, Elizabeth Township and Warwick Township enjoy reduced membership rates.


#1 Select your Membership type from the list at the link above:   


FAMILY                                   ADULT (ages 23-59)     

          YOUTH  (under age 18)          YOUNG ADULT  (ages 18-22)

SENIOR (ages 60 – 64)           SENIOR PLUS (ages 65+)


Click here for more Membership Type details.  


*Please note that family memberships include only those who live in your immediate household, spouses, and those you claim as dependents on tax reporting.


#2  Complete New Member registration information.


#3 Pay initial fees – Payment Options include Annual or EFT Monthly Draft

Your initial fees for a new Membership will include:

    • New Member Joiner Fee of $80
    • The Pro-Rate for the current month for your Membership type.

**EFT Monthly drafts begin on the 1st of each month! **

    • The Annual fee for your Membership type or the first Monthly EFT Fee for your type of Membership.

#4  Congratulations and Welcome to Lititz recCenter!  On your first visit to Lititz recCenter, we will finalize your membership, make any necessary adjustments, provide you with a Membership card, and schedule orientations with you.