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Youth Fitness & Training

Try NEW!  Gladiator Fit Camp for ages 6-12 this summer

Mon/Wed/Fri Jun 19-23 or Jul 17-21

$60 Member   $75 NonMember


NEW!*   Speed, Strength & Agility  (ages 9-14)

Sports performance type training for fitness and improved acceleration, control, foot speed and strength.

Tues/Thurs 5:15-6 pm

$60 Member  $75 NonMember


KidsBoxing (ages 7-12)

Basic boxing skills and techniques such as stance, guard, movement and footwork.  Gain increased strength and endurance with fitness and self-confidence.

Thurs 5-5:45 pm

$50 Member    $75 NonMember


recWarriors Obstacle Challenge (Ages 5-12)   

Take on kid-sized ninja style obstacles and challenges in our funZone and add on power with timed races!  Fitness, conditioning, and fun.

Mon 5:30-6:15 pm

$50 Member    $80 NonMember

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Strong Kids  (ages 7-12)

Basic strength and form using weights and bars to build muscle endurance and learn to use weights safely.

Mon & Wed 5:15-6 pm

$50 Member   $70 NonMember

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POUND for Kids (ages 6-12)

Kids will use Pump Smart bars and small weights for basic strength and form, muscle endurance, learning to use weights safely.

Tues 5:15-6pm

$40 Member    $60 NonMember

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Personal Training for Youth

For kids serious about fitness and training to build strength and endurance, stay healthy, recover from injury or prevent injury, our certified personal trainers and instructors are ready to get them started and keep them in action.  Training is available at Lititz recCenter and recROC.

Did you know?  Kids ages 12 & up can complete a Fitness Center Orientation and work-out in our Fitness Center with an adult over age 18.  Kids over age 14 can visit the Fitness Center after school or on their own.