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Scouting Programs

Boy Scout Merit Badges


Lifesaving  |   Swimming   |   Personal Fitness  |   Athletics   |   Sports

Work with a buddy or with a group of scouts through requirements needed for each individual badge.  Some badges might require attendance in a pre-scheduled program.  Troop activity or training can be scheduled through our Merit Badge Counselors.  Scoutmasters are encouraged to contact the following staff for more information or to plan a badge program or workshop.  Scouts complete a badge individually or with a buddy.  Check in with these counselors:

Lifesaving or Swimming:

Personal Fitness:



Summer Camp Swim Testing

Go to camp skill-tested and ready to jump in the pool or lake with your buddy!  Swim testing for individual scouts, Cub Scout Packs or Troops can be scheduled along with an extra hour of free-swim time to practice skills and have fun with swimming buddies before heading off to Summer Camp.  Schedule with

Scout Outings & Events

Recruitment day or celebration?  Scout family-fun day?  Add a challenge to your scout program calendar for the year!  Lititz recCenter pools, gyms, and funZone offer endless fun for scouts of all ages (and scout leaders and families).  recROC provides a unique and challenging environment for older scouts to conquer our indoor boulder and obstacle course.  Contact us to book your Scout Outing! for Lititz recCenter, and for recROC.