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Ready to ROC?  Book Personal Performance Training single sessions or a training package with our Training staff.  Give us a call to schedule or email to inquire.

Climbing Clubs and Sports Teams welcome!  Visit recROC for a ROC-OUT team-building and training experience.  Book a rental, purchase a day pass, or schedule a clinic with an expert.

Bouldering Training

Boulderers unite!  Bouldering is a cross functional workout for brain and body.  Get started in a new adventure (as a solo climber or with friends/family members) or develop your skill and route levels with our bouldering trainers and instructors.  Learn more about our Bouldering Instructors HERE.

Ready to book Bouldering Instruction?  Join a Bouldering Basics or Intermediate Bouldering small group class OR you can even register for individual customized training sessions with our experienced staff.  717.626.5096, or email

Group Fitness Training

Weekly group fitness training options for Members and NonMembers:

  • ROCFit HIIT  full-body workout on a “spartan” level! Obstacle elements are added to traditional fitness routines and equipment for a unique and challenging workout experience.

M/W/F 5:30 am – 6:30 am or 8-9 am     REGISTER