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Aquatic Fitness Class Descriptions

Aquatic Fitness Classes offer Members of all ages and abilities a lower-impact, resistance exercise option.  Classes are offered year-round in our two indoor pools at Lititz recCenter – a deep lap pool or our shallower zero-entry Splash Pool.


*Members* of Lititz recCenter can enjoy all Aquatic Fitness classes for FREE!

Class Descriptions

AQUA BARREA Full body workout that incorporates elements of ballet and yoga. (1 hour)

SPLASH DANCETake your Zumba to the water for a higher intensity workout. (30 min)

AQUA STRIDE & HIIT45 mins of water walking or jogging and high intensity interval training that will increase endurance and heart rate.

AQUACIZEThis class is a combination of cardio, strength, and stability. (45 min)

AQUAMIX – HIIT  variety in a dynamic format set to upbeat music (45 min)

ARTHRITIS AND FIBROMYALGIANo impact exercises work the muscles & cardio system and ease joint pain.  Move at your own pace! (45 min)

DEEPER POWER Deep water workouts develop power in core muscles and strengthen the entire body. (45 min)

HIGH INTENSITYJoin us Fridays for our highest level workout! (45 min)

JOINTS IN MOTIONDesigned to stretch and work all the joints of the body and increase flexibility. (45 min)

SENIOR WATER EXERCISEWater exercise for men and women ages 60 and older. Co-sponsored by Office of Aging/Primetime Health Program and the Lititz recCenter. Open to the community for FREE! (1 hour)

WALKERCISEShallow warm water workout including light cardio, stretching, water walking, and resistance training. (45 min)

WATER WALKINGGentle approach to relax muscles, walk, and socialize. (1 hour)

WET WORKOUTShallow water workout and fun activities develop endurance and muscle strength! (45 min)

WATER TAI CHI – Improve balance and core strength with this relaxing mind/body centering session. (45 min)


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