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Next Level Expansion Project – NEWS


NOVEMBER 13, 2023



  • Starting on Monday, April 8th the Lititz recCenter will begin the Phase 2 of our construction which will be the remodeling of the lobby entrance. Since this area will be an active construction site; we will need to temporarily relocate our facility entrance.
  • Over the duration of Phase 2; the NEW way to enter the Lititz recCenter will be to go through the A2 double doors that you will find to the right of the facility’s main entrance, and this will lead members and guests into the fitness center hallway. Please look for signage that will direct you to the correct area.





  • The Men’s & Women’s Member Only Locker Room saunas and both Main Locker Rooms are now open. 
  • The saunas will remain open temporarily.
  • Tile & trim work in the hallways is complete and work to the main lobby will begin soon.
  • Men’s Main Locker Room shower area has been upgraded and remodeled.






Staircase Installed!

Installation of a staircase took place on January 15th. This staircase will be the most common way that members will be using to access the second floor once it is ready for use. As the construction team is setting the steel frame in place; we are expecting a lot of loud noise as they get everything aligned and secured properly.


  • Members will notice that the plywood ceilings have been removed to expose the underside of the new second floor. Wiring will be re-routed and secured over the next week.
  • Please note: Members will be redirected through the Gym (1/2) while active work is going on.
  • The hallways present no hazard when active work is NOT taking place.
  • Members can expect to see new lighting and ceiling tiles installed as quickly as possible.
  • Hallway tile work will continue at the far end of the Kid Zone hallway. Tile is being removed entirely to the Zone 1 doorway and new flooring is currently being installed.
  • Concrete has been poured upstairs and everything has gone smoothly. The floor’s finish has been applied as well.

Lititz recCenter is TAKING it to the NEXT LEVEL in 2024!

Expanded opportunities for MORE fitness, sports, and recreation are coming up with a bigger and better Lititz recCenter.  Construction will start soon to build UP into a second level at Lititz recCenter.

Here’s what’s coming to Lititz recCenter in the New Year:


In addition to these second-level features, we will re-orient some main floor spaces to accommodate access to the new upper level, and in a later phase will expand and remodel our main entrance lobby for secure access, smoother traffic flow, and a better customer service experience.  In the last phases of our project, our Fitness Center will once again GROW on the main level!

  Learn more about the Next Level expansion project here!

Get Ready to GROW!

Work will begin in November 2023 and progress through three stages.  Our project team will plan to try avoid major interruptions to programs and access to existing facilities.  We appreciate the ongoing patience of our Members as we look forward to exciting improvements ahead!


Construction Began On Monday, November 13th

Monday, November 13th began Phase I of our three-phase construction project at the Lititz recCenter. Please expect changes in how to enter different areas throughout the facility. Signage will be in place to direct members and guests safely & appropriately to their desired areas. Please speak to our Customer Service staff at the front desk with any questions.

Things To Know…

  1. Starting November 12, the saunas will no longer be in use. These will be locked and turned off during Phase I. These will eventually be completely made redone at a point in the construction process.
  2. November 13 & 14 the main corridor will be closed for ceiling replacement. This will re-open November 15/16. What is the best way to get to my desired area of activity? Hallway Directions Phase I PDF
  3. ONLY the Member Locker Room will be used during this phase of the construction process.
  4. Gyms 1 & 2 will not be available until 3pm.
  5. Warwick School District parking lot (Middle School) will be very limited.
  6. Staff Offices will be relocated to Zone 4.


Phase 1: Four Months Beginning Mid-November

Work will begin in the central section of the facility.  NOTE: The staircase to the new second floor will be installed in this phase.

During this phase, Members should be aware of potential interruptions to locker room access (family changing rooms, and Men’s Locker Room).  The Central Hallway on the Main Floor of the recCenter to the gyms, pool, and locker rooms will remain open, however, locker room users might be temporarily re-directed to available facilities in the building. Phase I is indicated in the color green.