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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Live Instructor Courses are led by passionate, friendly, certified trainers and instructors who have diverse backgrounds. Check out what’s offered this week on our Lititz recCenter SCHEDULE APP!  Download it from your favorite app store or view it HERE ONLINE.

*Members enjoy all Live and Virtual Group Fitness classes for FREE! 

More than 100 classes scheduled per week.  NonMembers can join in classes with the purchase of a daily guest pass.


INSANITY – A 45 min cardio class with total body conditioning based on the principles of maximum interval training.

Les Mills BODY COMBAT –  60 min high energy martial arts inspired non-contact workout combining disciplines of Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi.

Les Mills GRIT – STRENGTH / PLYO / CARDIO.  45 min High Intensity Interval Training uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises.

Silver Cardio & Strength – 45 min class focused on total body and core while incorporating balance moves and flexibility. This class can be done seated of standing using hand weights, resistance bands and balls. 

POUND – 60 min drumming workout mixing cardio and strength training in a fun and dynamic class!


Vinyasa YOGA – 60 min Power yoga focusing on special movement, meditation, and self inquiry. Adapted for any fitness level. 

Les Mills BODY BALANCE (formerly Body Flow)  – 60 min A yoga, Tai-Chi, Pilates workout to build flexibility and strength with a sense of calm and centering.

Gentle YOGA – 60 min Center yourself with this one-hour combination class. The first half focuses on standing postures that strengthen and lengthen the muscles. The second half of the class takes places on the floor in restorative postures.

Silver YOGA – 45 min class focuses on full body stretching, meditation and stress relief. This can be done seated or standing.

*NEW* Power YOGA – 45 min class to increase strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and endurance.  Find mind and body connections and expect to sweat.


Bosu Circuit – 60 min Using the BOSU, a fat-burning class designed to challenge your balance, muscular strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Les Mills BODY PUMP –  60 min workout. Weight-training with barbells and plates to create a strong, fit, body.  

Les Mills CORE – 30 min focused exercise for core strength and conditioning

Silver Strong – A 45 min class to improve balance, agility and strength with body weight exercises, medicine balls, stability balls, and weights for active older adults.


ZUMBA –  60 min workout to the beat of your favorite energizing music!  

OULA –  60 min all-ages adult dance-mania for the soulfulness of a mind-body practice, with the carefree playfulness of living room dance party.

Les Mills Barre – 30 min Ballet inspired workout designed to shape and tone your whole body.


Explore many options for lower impact group workouts, designed for many abilities and interests and popular with active older adults!

  • Body Balance
  • Gentle Yoga /Silver Yoga
  • Silver Cardio & Strength
  • Tone
  • Les Mills Barre
  • Oula
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Silver Strong
  • Silver Spin


SPIN – 45 Min. of training like a true cyclist by incorporating pure athletic training that outdoor cycling utilizes, paired with great, motivational music.

SILVER SPIN –  30 min bike ride with a long warm up leading into a customized workout – you choose tension and speed! This is a great class for older riders or brand new spin enthusiasts. 

*NEW!*  Sprint –  30 minutes cycling workout that uses high-intensity interval training to help you smash goals faster.

*NEW!*  The TRIP – 45 min multi-peak immersive cycling workout to elevate your heart and sensory experiences.

Ready to go VIRTUAL?  Try our new Les Mills Virtual Fitness classes presented on our LED Screens in two Fitness Studios at Lititz recCenter.  Dynamic fitness experiences with the latest technology.