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Virtual & *Distance Fitness*

We are helping you stay active during this time of “distancing”!

Check our these tips, workouts, and online sessions presented or recommended by our certified training team at Lititz recCenter.









VIRTUAL FITNESS at Lititz recCenter

Our Members engage in dynamic fitness experiences with our own live certified instructors or virtual instructors from around the WORLD on our jumbo LED screens!

Make virtual classes your routine, or change it up with something new and exhilarating to keep you motivated.  New, fresh, releases arrive several times a year!




Live Instructor Les Mills Classes   

30, 45, and 60 min classes coached by talented Les Mills Certified Instructors

  • Les Mills BODY COMBAT
  • Les Mills TONE
  • Les Mills BODYPUMP
  • Les Mills CXWORX 
  • Les Mills BODY FLOW

Les Mills Virtual Classes – Group Fitness on the Big Screen!
  • Virtual RPM
  • Virtual BODY COMBAT
  • Virtual CXWORX
  • Virtual BODY PUMP
  • Virtual BODY FLOW
  • Virtual SH’BAM

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