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Special Notice Regarding COVID-19:  Issued to Lititz recCenter Members 

July 16, 202o


Families enrolled in our recKids licensed child care program were notified earlier this week of a single positive case of COVID-19 present in one age-group.  Following PA DHS and PA Dept of Health protocols, the affected staff and families within this program were given information regarding the required 48-hour closure of that program, required health monitoring for families and staff, and sanitization procedures (which are a continuation of our required daily sanitization).

As a licensing requirement, our recKids Child Care programs operate mainly in designated spaces within the recCenter facility segregated according to age groups and capacities.  This enables thorough sanitization of these spaces throughout the day, and keeps children and staff grouped into consistent cohorts.  There is no recurring or sustained interaction of the recKids program children or staff with other recCenter operations, Members or guests.

Lititz recCenter general Membership would be notified appropriately and as required if a COVID-19 reporting situation would arise which affects general Membership.

Lititz recCenter Management Team